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October 11, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

photos of model

September 27, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Getting mock up photos

I think we need to go to the library at some time this week and take the mock up photos. By all being there we can get what we all want (angles and such).

I’ll text you both tomorrow. maybe some time during Wednesday?

September 27, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Misc signs

Just a thought. Do we want the signs that aren’t part of the main hierarchy system to include the colour of floor they are on or have their own separate colour to make it clear there is a distinction between those types of signs and the main way finding system?

here is what Ive done or them. Maybe justify text right.. I don’t know I’ll just try it and see what we think.

changing it up a bit, justifying right (this may not work due to the rest of the signage being left but perhaps visually it works for these ones.

Also changed the format of the signs. Still some tweaking to do I think.

September 27, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Directory sign measurements

Here is the sign with more specific measurements put in (in mm). Type size is 75 pt, and 575 pt for the big numbers. At the moment the sign will easily fit in the space we have, its just a matter of checking whether it works in terms of readability when approaching it or standing in front of it. I’m printing it out full size at the moment so we can see if it’s working.

September 24, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

more directory sign development

I have also been trying things with the directory sign to make sure we don’t move too far from our orginal intention to make it clear which floor you are on:

Going back to the big numbers we used to have but only having it big for the floor you are on? These could be combined with big numbers on the floor at the beginning of the escalators to indicate which floor you are heading towards.

September 24, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Trying to make it clear which floor your on

More explorations to try and get this sign down.

Bars just look shit but I thought it was good adding it as exploration. I like the red dots, I mean it’s a red dot, if the fact that the floor you on is the only one with a lot of colour showing isn’t enough why not add just a bit more. Red isn’t used anywhere else so it works as purely an indicator.

I have also tweaked the blue so its more appropriate, I think colour is strongly based on subjectivity (to a point)  so we will have to see what we think and what the tutors think.

September 23, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Shelf Ends – From Presentation