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July 21, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Looking into established path finding systems

Research into applied path finding systems around the world.


This pdf looks into modern developments of libraries.

things worth noting:

New configurations of books, information, electronic access
to learning, and related services can be delivered in many ways and through a range of media. and learning via all

The biggest demand in public libraries over the past decade has been for quiet, secure
study space. —due to the rise in higher education becoming more available.

Another important consideration with regard to library design, is the need to be able
to section off or close some areas at different times of the day or night to meet other needs,
particularly when library services are shared with other services

By their very nature, libraries are full of signs and references to arcane classificatory
systems, often confusing to lay readers. The importance of clear patterns of circulation, of
architectural and spatial legibility, and of coherent and attractive signage cannot be over-
estimated. In this regard, the new library and learning center at March is exemplary: as you enter
the doors, the whole library and its sections are laid out before you, clearly sign-posted and labeled,
all of which allows the first-time visitor to grasp and understand what is on offer in an instant.

All library facilities, of whatever size, will need to incorporate ICT and online

The historic library atmosphere of hushed silence is no longer appropriate to many new library
uses and users.

Amongst the most loyal groups of library users are parents with young children and
the elderly. The library remains a socially inclusive institution and this needs to be reflected
in issues of physical access and family-friendly design. Encouraging people to stay longer,
and use more than one facility, means providing toilets, refreshments, and a sense of security.

Maintaining the distinctive ethos of the library. There is a danger that the
increasing range and individuality of library buildings and services will erode
the identity of ‘the library’, and reduce library users’ inherent trust in libraries
as independent, neutral places with a distinct role in collective culture.


A company who specializes in library signage. This brief advertisement has solutions such as Velcro for changing aspects of the library.

Linked web page is about a new university library in Antwerp.

while this is about a research library I think it is still worth having as part our research.

this site has a few examples of much more developed maps which use colour to organize the content. Could the established path finding system of card be further developed into a new navigational map similar to these.

Benoit Crottaz.


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