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July 25, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Defining the library path finding system

More PDF but it is worth it. Some interesting bits to follow.


Sign Elements

A clear, organized set of sign elements can be the most cost-effective solution to way finding improvements in an existing building. Related graphic devices such as walland floor graphics, strategic placement of sculpture, art programs and computerized information kiosks are all potential elements in a successful wayfinding plan.

Public Information
All public information such as brochures, mailers, manuals, and handouts become part of
the users’ information on how to use the environment. All forms of public information
must be consistent in their representation of facility in order for communication to be
clear; published maps must agree with facility maps, driving instructions must agree with
how the facility is accessed.

Architectural indicators such as light,
color, materials, and pathways also play a large role in wayfinding.

A successful wayfinding program is intuitive and self-navigable, and it protects the overall visual
integrity of the site.


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