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July 25, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Different Wayfinding Systems

Cleveland Museum of Art

While the Cleveland Museum of Art is under construction, visitors must take an alternate route to arrive at the galleries. The circles reference a set of portholes that visitors can look through to see the construction of future wings. In addition to the introductory wall, the motif is continued along the route including in elevators and along a timeline. While program banners were designed to work in conjunction with the detour.

The upcoming programmes listed by month and colour coded – makes them clear to read, maybe something similar could work for listing the different floor information when you walk through the entrance of the library.

Civic Library of Opera (Milan – Italy)

Use of well known symbols, works better than the current libraries wayfinding brochures which uses symbols that don’t have any meaning.

College of Architecture + Design School of Art

When looking into what could work on the ends of the shelves, an idea similar to the one above could work well, it wouldn’t take much to unscrew the glass and being able to write on them could prove useful for short-term notices.


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