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July 27, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Current Hierarchy system


– big yellow signs

– map due to location  next to stair system and path finder system on stand

– neon signs

– bigger barnacles + banners (competing for hierarchy)

– smaller barnacles

– end of shelves (the design on the end of shelves changes through out the sections of library)

– on the selves but not in all sections such as the fiction areas


Need a clear definer for parts of library, current design does not have enough contrast, signs while they stand out do not enough and look cluttered and have no structure.

a sea of purple and blue with big yellow signs

changing areas drastically may be a detriment to the libraries identity but careful implementation should work

map visually split into purple and green, no reason that is clear

path finding aesthetics and colour options only work within the system it self. This could be applied throughout the library

there is no pictorial imagery used which could help define the path finding cards better.

signs only need a visitor to observe, P.F. system and computers need a bit more interactions as do the computers.

possibility of banner hanging from ceiling to midway between 1st and 2nd floor

banner from ground floor could hand from below 1st floor

path finding system is loosely colored to represent different topics- creative, science, law, but not clear enough


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