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July 27, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Library visit with analysis of each floor

So this post will be a bit busy but i will try and organize it to the best of my ability. I’m posting it mainly so it is documented, I have it in pen and paper form which has a sense of visual structure for each floor. This will be in note form so ignore the blaring lack of grammatical structure.


Walk in Victoria street entrance

yellow sign with current floor information indicated in red ground floor, left 1st floor middle, 2nd floor right.

right children and young adult section indicated by large blue neon sign

young adult dewy decimal system

large wall space around membership desk and before picture books could be used, currently blank

membership desk sign not visible when your at the actual desk. Its on the other side of a pillar.

young adult pillar not standing out against carpet color- mainly blue (two main colors are blue and purple with some yellow,white and red dotted around-this applies to whole library.)

computer next to escalators and stairs.

more small banners which dont stand out due to colors

bigger barnacles then on shelves share hierarchy with banners to a degree.

end of shelves have white sign indicating alphabetical order

dividers with letters on shelves

audio visual section has good standing out end of shelve signs but content is divided on to both sides with no clear order to which side things are

dvds have colored tags but not a clearly defined color system. (doubles up on colors)

smallest barnacles are on thin poles

barnacle color scheme used on bigger barnacles named inquiries

documentaries use standard barnacle design

left fiction indicated by large neon sign


map stand at top of  stair system, stair system underused for path finding systems, pillars and stair structure underneath

person at map to help at busty times

magazine stacks at right of stairs

pale yellow and white at end of shelves

dewy decimal system used for science and humanities 000-800 900 on 2nd floor

computer areas dotted around no structer

pathfinding system dotted in shelves and holders

computer books and mags area

map splits library in two sections, purple and green. thats it

bits missing from map in parts.

path finding system color scheme has not complete structure just a few loose groups for subjects

symbols not used on path finding system


same yellow sign as both floors, same layout  why constrast with overall color scheme just here and selected signs on end of shelves?

computer with a pathfinding stand at top of escalators

900’s up on this floor on left with government documents on right as you come to top of  escalators

other side of stair and escalator system is the reference only section

on this floor refrence section has te reo maori added to barnacles

desks in front of the 900’s, quiet study area

banners in both gvt documents and 900’s loosely sharing hierarchy with larger barnacles

next to inquiries is the admin section with small sign directing to toilets


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