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August 7, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Directory sign text

This is the text I’m using for the main directory sign that has what is on each different floor. I’ve revised it a bit from what is on the current sign, just so it makes a bit more sense. Also added in the Maori. So if anyone wants to work on this as well just copy and paste because there’s no point each of us typing things out separately.

Ground floor:

Issues – wahi hoatu

Returns – hokinga mai

Membership – he mema

Reserves – pukapuka kua tonoa

Information desk – wahi maioha

Enquiries desk – patai mai

Fiction – korero paki

Children/Young Adults – tamariki/rangatahi

Sound & Vision Centre – a taringa a whatu

1st floor:

Arts/Music/Literature – arai moko

Sciences/Humanities – pu taiao/tikanga tangata

Languages – matauranga reo

Biographies – haurongo

Computers & Business – rorohiko/haere ra, hoki mai ano

Health & Medicine – hauora

Home & Garden – whakatipu kari

Magazines – makahini

Prosearch office

2nd floor:

Newspapers- nga pu kaea o Tamaki-makau-rau

New Zealand – reference collection kohikohinga o Aotearoa

Maori collection – kohikohinga Maori

Travel – takahaere

History – korero nehe

Administration – tari whakahaere

Housebound & talking books services – pukapuka korero

Also, problems we identified with the existing sign:

– it’s not obvious enough which floor you are on (just has text colour changed to red)

– writing out the floor names in full might not be the most clear way to communicate (eg. second floor instead of using number 2).

– arrows don’t really work, just looks like a big jumble pointing all over the place.

–  there is no hierarchy within the lists, eg. on the ground floor creating a distinction between all the service desks and the book genres (these are all mixed in together).

– layout – floors run horizontally on the sign, but in real life they run vertically – might make more sense to create this visual connection on the signage.


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