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August 11, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Structure and content of concept report

So I’m just trying to suss out what this report will contain.

Intro with basic content of report.

In depth analysis of the library: each floor, hierarchy structure, problems with current system and things we can change (signage) and cant change (building structure and architecture).

Documentation of mentioned problems and hierarchy flow.

Research into library path finding systems that work.

Aesthetics that are appropriate and look eye catching for the context of the library.

Structure of how the hierarchy flow goes from the highest level down to the smallest.

physical layout of this hierarchy flow within the physical space.

early conceptual sketches and photo manipulated mock ups.

beginning of sign aesthetic design to get an understanding of what we want.

Explanation of aesthetic choices: colour, shapes, structure, typefaces.

Something about the group dynamics, each of us? (not sure about this one)

A name for our group.


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