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September 12, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Measurments from library visit today

Measurements are not 100 % accurate but for the

sake of what we are doing they are close enough.


Space between escalators: just over 2m

Sign width: around 2m

this gives us 2m as a good width to make the directory sign.

Sign height position is about 260cm so it fits with the fabric banners we had a look at on Friday.

The point size of the text on the signs is around 195 pt. I have done some print outs which I will bring tomorrow. I have printed out one of the columns of text for the directory sign including the Maori text. I have made the Maori text black for greater legibility. Perhaps the white might work at this size on the three colours but somehow I don’t think so. I’ll take some photos when I get home of what some of these print outs look like. I’ll get my flat mates to pretend they are using them as signs. (edit) currently working with type size of 141 points instead of 195 pt.


around 210cm


About 3m across

Interesting how these are bigger then the main directory signs. Guess back in 1991 they wanted these suckers to stand out.


Height of 170cm

Width of 48cm across

75mm bracing thing that runs down the middle, this is were the perspex frames would go so they should be about this wide.

Each shelf is made up of modular pieces, each one is 90cm in length. Usually get about 4-7 per stand alone shelf unit.

3.5m  tall

When I get home (at uni at the moment I will add the photos we took on Friday along with a few more I did at the library .

I think Monday will consist of more full scale print outs. I think we need to have the directory sign finished by the end of next week so we can move on to the lower levels of hierarchy.


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