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August 6, 2010 / andreabenoitkaty

Sustainable Type

I came across this, it doesn’t really apply to this assignment so much but I thought it was still a pretty cool idea!

“Guerilla gardener Anna Garforth emblazons walls with mossy graffiti in her quest to meld intrigue into the transitory landscape of urban spaces.

My work needs to make an immediate impact given its ephemeral nature. There is a lot of wild in the city. My eye has become attuned to the plant life that pushes and grows its way through all the cracks in the concrete. Once you have noticed it, it’s everywhere….

Garforth uses nourishing ingredients to affix the moss to surfaces. “I collect a common moss that grows well on brick walls and glue it to the wall using a mixture of natural (bio active) yoghurt and sugar.”


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